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I recently directed several new spots! Check them out below!

My Animation Credits

🎬Directed by
✒️Written by
🎙Features my voice
🎶Features my music
🏆Award Winner
🥇Lead Animator


🎬🎙✒️🎶Lights, Camera, Lexi, "Spaghetti Western" (Disney Junior)
🎬🎙✒️ Disney Descendants 2 Funko Pop (The Disney Channel)
🏆🎬🎙🎶Super Genius Evil Dinosaur, "Appetite For Destruction" (Adult Swim)
🏆🎙🎶Robot Chicken, Sns. 1-10 (Adult Swim)
🏆🎙🥇Bratz (Netflix)
🏆Robot Chicken DC Comics Specials, 1-3 (Adult Swim)
🏆Robot Chicken Star Wars Specials, 1-3 (Adult Swim)
🏆Tumble Leaf, Sn. 1 (Amazon)
🏆Moral Orel, Sns. 1-3 (Adult Swim)
🏆Titan Maximum (Adult Swim)
🥇MAD, "100th Episode" / "Katy Putty's Flammable" / "Doraline" (Cartoon Network)
🥇Dinosaur Office, "Office Party" (College Humor)
🥇Stoopid Monkey, "Self Portrait with NERDS Candy" (YouTube)
🥇The Six, "The Six Christmas Movies You Live Through" (College Humor)
The Simpsons, "The Cad and the Hat" Couch Gag (Fox)
Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special (Adult Swim)
Buddy Thunderstruck (Netflix)
SuperMansion, Sns. 1-2 (Crackle)
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole, Sns. 1-2 (Adult Swim)
Loyal Subjects' G.I. Joe vs Transformers, "Episode 2" (YouTube)
Friendship All-Stars …of Friendship, "Lost Pet" (L/Studio)
My Name is Earl, "I Robbed A Stoner Blind" (NBC)
Drew Carey's Green Screen Show (The WB)

Feature Films

🎬 The Female Brain (Credits Sequence) - dir. Whitney Cummings


Short Films

🎬🎙Wicked Woods: A Descendants Halloween Story
✒️Disney Descendants 2 "A Rotten Holiday" - dir. Ashley Arechiga and Bradley Schaffer
🏆🥇Blow - dir. Dick Thompson
🏆"I'm Scared" the Movie! - dir. Pete Levin
🥇Fish Friend - dir. Jordan Blum
Losing Ferguson (Credits Sequence) - dir. Trisha Gum

Spots + Commercials

🎬🎙Hasbro - My Little Pony
🎬🎙Hasbro - Littlest Pet Shop
🎬Nickelodeon / Moose Toys - Capsule Chix
🎬St Jude Children’s Research Hospital - “The 17 Samurai
🎬Hasbro / Disney - Princess Dolls
🎬Ubisoft - Raving Rabbids
🎬Lausanne Collegiate School - “Find Your Lausanne Way
🎬Gabriel Group - Moe / Flo / Joe
🥇Verizon / Fios - “Movie Night” / “Award Winners” / “Non-stop Action
🥇Farmers Insurance - “Dudes of Hazard
Honda - “Happy Honda Days” (various)
ExxonMobil - From Farm Waste to Fuel Tank
Domino's Pizza
Orbit Gum

Music Videos

🎬🎙✒️🎶Frozen Up
🥇Lord Huron "Ends of the Earth"
Jane's Addiction "End to the Lies"
RAT BOY "Move"
Papillon "Re-Creation"