here are some toons i've directed, voiced, and animated!

My Animation Credits

🎬Directed by
✒️Written by
🎙Features my voice
🎶Features my music
🏆Award Winner


🎬🎙✒️ Disney Descendants 2 Funko Pop (The Disney Channel)
🎬🎙✒️🎶Lights, Camera, Lexi, "Spaghetti Western" (Disney Junior)
🏆🎬🎙✒️🎶Super Genius Evil Dinosaur, "Appetite For Destruction" (Adult Swim)
🏆🎙🎶Robot Chicken, Sns. 1-10 (Adult Swim)
🏆🎙Bratz (Netflix)
🏆Robot Chicken DC Comics Specials, 1-3 (Adult Swim)
🏆Robot Chicken Star Wars Specials, 1-3 (Adult Swim)
Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special (Adult Swim)
The Simpsons, "The Cad and the Hat" Couch Gag (Fox)
Buddy Thunderstruck (Netflix)
🏆Tumble Leaf, Sn. 1 (Amazon)
SuperMansion, Sns. 1-2 (Crackle)
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole, Sns. 1-2 (Adult Swim)
🏆Moral Orel, Sns. 1-3 (Adult Swim)
🏆Titan Maximum (Adult Swim)
Loyal Subjects' G.I. Joe vs Transformers, "Episode 2" (YouTube)
MAD, "100th Episode" / "Katy Putty's Flammable" / "Doraline" (Cartoon Network)
Dinosaur Office, "Office Party" (College Humor)
Stoopid Monkey, "Self Portrait with NERDS Candy" (YouTube)
Friendship All-Stars …of Friendship, "Lost Pet" (L/Studio)
My Name is Earl, "I Robbed A Stoner Blind" (NBC)
The Six, "The Six Christmas Movies You Live Through" (College Humor)
Drew Carey's Green Screen Show (The WB)

Feature Films

🎬 The Female Brain (Credits Sequence) - dir. Whitney Cummings


Spots + Commercials

🎬🎙News coming soon!
🎬🎙My Little Pony
🎬🎙Littlest Pet Shop
🎬Nickelodeon / Capsule Chix
🎬St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, “17 Samurai”
🎬Raving Rabbids
🎬Lausanne Collegiate School
🎬Gabriel Group
Domino's Pizza
Orbit Gum
Farmers Insurance

Music Videos

🎬News Coming Soon!
🎬🎙✒️🎶Frozen Up
🎬The Apple Sisters "Thanksgiving”
Lord Huron "Ends of the Earth"
Jane's Addiction "End to the Lies"
RAT BOY "Move"
Papillon "Re-Creation"

Short Films

✒️Disney Descendants 2 "A Rotten Holiday" - dir. Ashley Arechiga and Bradley Schaffer
Fish Friend - dir. Jordan Blum
🏆"I'm Scared" the Movie! - dir. Pete Levin
Losing Ferguson - dir. Trisha Gum
Blow - dir. Dick Thompson