Bee Sides (2014)

©Melissa Goodwin Shepherd, 2014
All songs are handmade, written, and performed by Melissa Goodwin Shepherd.

Honeybee • Ukulele, Piano, Digital Drums, Vocals

Rome • Ukulele, Digital Cymbals, Oboe, Vocals

Breathe • Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Digital Drum, Vocals

Woods for the Trees • Piano, Tambourine, Cello, Vocals

Low Key • Keyboard, Digital Drums & Cymbals, Bells, Cello, Vocals

Here In My Head • Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Shaker, Vocals

Desert Lullaby • Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Guitar, Vocals

Five Years • Vocals

Fading • Electric Guitar, Tambourine, Digital Drums, Vocals