Find Your Lausanne Way!

I directed a fun commercial for my old high school, Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, Tennessee! This project was a lot of fun, as I got to use real objects as props, including the hands of several of my friends.

The whole commercial is one shot, so I had to find “cheats” or tricks like how to animate a flower growing- backwards, in the middle of a shot. There are several happy accidents I found along the way that ended up being my favorite parts. I loved this project, and I hope you enjoy watching it.

Hand Models: Leah Latham, Sarah Tejada, Jill Killington, Sihanouk Mariona
Thank you: Drew Smith, Allison Brownlow, Nathan Shepherd, Pete Levin, Helder K Sun, Linda Goodwin-Parkinson, Leah Latham, Rod Keller, Jean Whatley