Descendants Halloween Special!

Hooray! Another animated Descendants special! This time, with pumpkins!

My partner in crime, Nathan Shepherd, and I were beyond thrilled when we were hired to create a Halloween special for Disney Descendants! The whole process was super fun, and we had the best crew ever to make it really special.

Please sit back and enjoy our latest treat (no tricks here). You can also catch it on Disney Channel and hear the song KEEP YOUR HEAD ON HALLOWEEN on Radio Disney!


Mal - Dove Cameron
Evie - Sofia Carson
Jay - Booboo Stewart
Carlos - Cameron Boyce
Uma - China Anne McClain
Audrey - Sarah Jeffery
Horseman - Armen Taylor
Additional Voices - Nathan Shepherd, Melissa G Shepherd
Written by - Nathan Shepherd
Directed by - Melissa G Shepherd and Nathan Shepherd
Animators - Pete Levin, Dillon Markey, Melissa G Shepherd, Nathan Shepherd, Josiah Clements
DP - Jean-Paul Bonneau
Camera Crew - Ariel Spaugh, Kyle Bannon, Everado Flores / thank you Aaron Wise
Art Director - Lizzy Klein
Art Crew - George Metaxas, Alexis Preston, Anuardi José Cantre Santiago, Crumb
Puppet Department - Rob Ronning, Caroline Kastelic, Bryn Fraker, Devin Mireles
Costumes - Julia Rosner
Shadow Puppets - Lindsey Gilbert
Editor - Jenny McKibben / AE Sara Martin / thank you Chris Mena
Music - Mike Barnett
Storyboards - Jiedi Chen
VFX - Mike Spitzmiller
Production Team - Nathan Shepherd, David Brooks, Leigh Kelly, Jessica Campbell
Thank you - Rod Keller, Leah Latham, Martha Brigham, Jean Whatley, Linda Goodwin-Parkinson, John Parkinson, Helder K Sun