Since I was nine years old, I have wanted to make cartoons. I didn't only want to animate them; I also wanted to write them, direct them, compose the scores, and voice all of the characters as well.

I grew up around musicians and artists. My father owned a recording studio on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee called Memphis Sound Productions. Yes, I met a lot of crazy and amazing people, but I also had endless access and inspiration for all things music and instruments, and I taught myself all that I could. I started writing my own "movie scores" when I was still in grade school.

I put music on the back burner when I enrolled in Savannah College of Art and Design, where I earned a BFA in 2D animation and minored in sound design. I fell in love with stop-motion when I joined the extracurricular club, but at the time, there was only one official stop-motion class. So naturally, I took it three times.

I moved to Los Angeles in 2003 and interned at a little studio called Screen Novelties, which led me to Robot Chicken season one. I voiced several characters throughout the years on various projects, and you can hear my voice in several shows (uncredited, of course).

In 2007, my husband bought me a ukulele, and I found music again. I began recording my songs, and performed for various projects, both credited and not. In 2013, I found my voice over agent, and finally made my voice acting career legit.

I try to incorporate all of my passions into my daily life, which is possibly what led you to my website. So I hope you like my stuff.