Sirens (2016)

©Melissa Goodwin Shepherd, 2016
All songs are handmade, written, and performed by Melissa Goodwin Shepherd.

Red Light • Digital Drums & Cymbal, Snaps, Electric Guitar, Vocals

I Miss You • Electric Guitar, Digital Drums, Ukulele, Tambourine, Keyboard, Vocals

Numb • Electric Guitar, Tambourine, Digital Drums, Keyboard, Vocals

Stronger • Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Bells, Digital Harp, Cello, Keyboard, Digital Horn, Vocals

Be Still • Piano, Digital Drums, Keyboard, Concertina, Vocals

The Ringer • Keyboard, Ukulele, Digital Drums, Electric Guitar, Bells, Vocals

Wait For Me • Ukulele, Tambourine, Concertina, Vocals

If You Really Want To Know • Vocals

Firecracker • Organ, Electric Guitar, Tambourine, Digital Drums, Claps, Vocals